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Monday, December 22, 2008

Every so often I run across an example of why Wikipedia is a completely ludicrous collection of crap. For some reason it's most pronounced in the religious-related articles.

So I was following a stream-of-consciousness research trend about legal arguments and ran across the completely specious statement "The Old Testament is likely the oldest surviving body of law still relevant to modern legal systems." [1]We won't even begin to comment on it beyond mentioning that certain legal systems in Sanskrit are still actively in use as they have been continuously for about 4 000 years now, according to their legal traditions and documents.

Anyway, related to this I ended up, in an extremely roundabout fashion, on the page of [[Saint Paul]], one of those lovely uncontroversial (despite the page move warring) religious articles. Which states the figure unequivocally is historical, but the only evidence on the entire planet is the religious texts of the religion which venerates him.

Which is almost as factual as the [[Flying Spaghetti Monster]]. And an NPOV violation of the first water.

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