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Monday, January 25, 2016

Fork you, MediaWiki?

In the short-term, I believe a non-Wikimedia focused subgroup of ArchCom
may make sense.  The declining MediaWiki use outside of Wikimedia has been
a longstanding problem for us, but not the biggest problem.
- Rob Lanphier

For 15 years the folx working on Mediawiki have refused, insulted, and abused third-party users of their software. They have chased away the vast majority of people interested in improving the software for non-WMF implementations. They currently have as a policy that Mediawiki is the index parser implementation, even though they also state categorically that Mediawiki is not a parser[1].

So: forks welcome!  Any takers?

15 years of ramen which is designed only for one, unique, site - which is dying - and sucks for pretty much everything other than that. 15 years of "not made here", monolithic, idiocy. 1 year of "let's spoil everyone's birthday party" management.

Fuck that. I moved on.

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