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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Conspiracy theories are spun on extremely limited evidence, or the unprovable negative event. A single notation, unsupported by citation or actual fact, can develop into a widely-believed myth. The notation may have been created for the best of intentions, such as "balanced reporting" (another myth, btw) to present a possible justification for an action, and yet create or support a conspiracy theory.

Lenin's suspicion of an international conspiracy linked up with the Kronstadt events has been supported by the discovery of a handwritten memorandum preserved in the Columbia University Russian Archive, dated 1921 and marked 'Top Secret.' The document includes remarkably detailed information about the resources, personnel, arms and plans of the Kronstadt rebellion. It also details plans regarding White army and French government support for the Kronstadt sailors' March rebellion. Its title is 'Memorandum on the Question of Organising an Uprising in Kronstadt.'

The memorandum was part of a collection of documents written by an organisation called the National Centre, which originated at the beginning in 1918 as a self identified 'underground organisation formed in Russia for the struggle against the Bolsheviks.' After suffering military defeat and the arrest of many of its central members, the group reconstituted itself in exile by late 1920. General Wrangel, with a trained army of tens of thousands ready and waiting, was their principal military base of support. This memorandum was written between January and early February of 1921 by an agent of the National Centre in Finland.

This segment from the [[Kronstadt rebellion]] has no citation or evidentiary support, and its only purpose is to lend a possible justification for the government's actions. Exclusive of it's solitary nature and questions regarding its veracity, the question is its relevance to this article.

For example, if one were to accept the primae facie argument that the memo did exist at the time and was known to the government, then the entire action including:
Official Soviet figures claim approxmiately 1000 rebels were killed, 2000 wounded, 2500 captured, and 8000 defected to Finland, while the Red Army lost 527 killed and 3285 wounded.[9]
All this was done on the basis of a single uncorroborated memo. A government which would do so much on such limited information would be far more despicable than one which, instead, over-reacted purposefully to quell yet another potential rebellion in a long list of recent strikes and uprisings which were themselves the not-unexpected result of a war-shattered economy and two years of famine.

In short, this is a conspiracy theory with no attempt to present support for the apologetist claims.

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