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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Does anyone understand the term "apologist"?

[[Draža Mihailović]]
The Chetniks were forced to move to eastern Bosnia where they engaged in heavy combat with the Ustaše, resulting in several incidents of war crimes against people who supported the other faction. It is unclear however how much say Mihailović himself had in these incidents. The Chetnik movement was highly decentralized, and in that way was more like a collective of many small regional guerrillas which shared the same name, rather than a unified army under complete control of Mihailović and his staff.

By the middle of 1943, the partisan movement had survived an intense period of Axis pressure. At the Tehran Conference in November 1943, a decision was made by the Allies to cease their support of the Chetniks, and switch support to Tito's Partisans. Several sources (especially Michael Lees 1991 and David Martin 1990) attribute the switch to falsefied reports processed by British Communists or Communist sympathizers in Cairo whose doctored reports of Chetnik "inactivity" or "collaboration" were believed by Churchill.

This biased section of the article attempts to remove culpability and minimize the harm done. It does not matter whether the subject engaged in the purported activity; Wikipedia reports the views held by legitimate parties regarding the subject. It does not accuse, apologize, dismiss, or condemn.

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