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Thursday, March 04, 2010

I wish I'd written this:
Unfortunately, what the CNCI document describes sounds like the opposite of innovative, which isn't a surprise, given that the impulse to conceive and develop it entirely in secret was the opposite of democratic. In the end, there's no better way to stifle innovation than to let a single entity control it. But that's the kind of wrong-headed groupthink that takes root and grows in small groups that are restricted by excessive secrecy.[1]
This is exactly why I think the secrecy of ComCom - and the WMF public relations efforts in general - is stupidly wrong. It discourages innovation, and attacks constructive criticism. And it does so for no measurable benefit.

If you are not doing wrong, transparency can only help you. Living in a fishbowl can be disconcerting, but if you develop a thick skin and work directly toward [[SMART]] goals - avoiding digressions and distractions - you accomplish much and gain a reputation for honesty and resolution.

Are there topics which should not be discussed publicly? of course. But nothing else should be confidential, full stop.

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