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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Of all the POVioring factions on en.Wikipedia, the ones which make me the most angry are holocaust POViors.

1943 - Holocaust in Letychiv, Ukraine: German Gestapo organises mass shootings of Jews from Letychiv Ghetto. 200 surviving Jews from Letychiv slave labor camp were ordered to undress and were shot with machine-gun into a ravine. Some 7.000 Jews were murdered in Letychiv.

Nearly every other day of the Wikipedia calendar of daily historical events has one or two "holocaust events". Very few of them follow the Days of the year guidelines or style. Almost all of them go on to make unsupported comments. All of them make me think the Holocaust was far less than it is being made out to be. None of them mention the millions of non-jews who were murdered.

The promotion of the Holocaust on Wikipedia appears to be fascist and racist in nature. Clearly the people involved have learned from the Holocaust.

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