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Monday, January 08, 2007

Unbelievably bad. Ilse Koch was almost certainly an evil person, but the text of the article would have done Goebbels proud: it contains extensive damning statements which are not directly sourced and which are otherwise completely unbelievable.

She may or may not have possessed lampshades made from human skin, however her family dinner table is reputed to have been decorated with shrunken human heads

This statement alone is worthy of condemning the entire article. This is crap writing, as evil as any alleged action taken by Ilse Koch. I'm hardly a holocaust denier, but if holocaust educators must stoop to lies and innuendo to make the Nazis appear evil, then they must not have been very evil. At least that's the message I get. If the facts do not speak for themselves, lies will not serve; they will only harm the message being transmited.

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