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Monday, June 04, 2007

Alphabetical and Conceptual Structure

All articles in this encyclopedia are organized Alphabetically, exactly as is Wikipedia. This organization is arbitrary, and irrelevant to the manner in which the encyclopedia is actually accessed.

However, of the infinite possible categories for articles in this volume, the editors have selected a limited number of "top-level" categories which undergird the work. Each article is developed in the context of a specific top-level category.

Clearly a broad encyclopedia cannot work at this level of categorical simplicity. However, knowledge itself has often been broadly categorized hierarchically, such as the Dewey Decimal system's approach of 10 primary categories, each with 99 sub-categories, each of which may be further sub-categorized with 999 sub-categories. The Universal Decimal system takes this further with cross-categorizing system which is extensively flexible.) A level may be defined as the "editorial category level" within these categories, and under this category level can be a finite number of categories - either standardized across all editorial categories or locally managed by the category's community - and all articles within the editorial category must be written in the context of one of these finite categories.

  • Overview

  • Theory

  • Application

  • Specialization #1

  • Application Specialization #1

  • History

  • Legal and Public Policy

  • Research

  • Publications on

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