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Monday, June 04, 2007

Individual Articles

The articles in the Chicago encyclopedia will each have 5 common elements:

  1. A descriptive title ("entry term")

  2. A specific number of words of text on a carefully defined topic

  3. Cross-references to other articles

  4. List of further reading suggestions

  5. Signature of the contributor

That's a pretty good list, excluding the signature.

Most of the articles in this volume stand alone under their title, as is typical of a dead tree publication. However particularly large topics have "composite entries", where the most descriptive term is used with a sub texted descriptor to represent various specific coverage. Mediawiki supports the use of sub-pages, which would allow the strictly alphabetical sorting of composite entries, however the system is clumsy and does not currently allow for intuitive Go commands (would [[sloop]] find [[Sailboat: Rigs: Sloop]] without a redirect? can anyone reasonably expect to create redirects for every possible categorization scheme?)

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