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Sunday, February 14, 2010


okay, so I've been wrestling with this script... it's blown up a couple of times after many many hours of work, and I've done a number of not-very-pristine-code bits to get it back up and running. I'm not good at babysitting a script.

Anyway, after getting home and seeing it dead and fixing it and rebooting it with toes crossed... I just discovered a logic failure in one of my four primary categories. "Former" indicates a user with plenty of activity on one or more Wiktionary languages, but on which the user has not edited within the past year. However, the script does not value recentness of editing activity over number of edits - so someone who has been editing (albeit rarely) on a language but was formerly active on a different language will be listed as formerly.

That's more of a value judgement than a logic problem, I guess. It's just that I personally would value recentness over number of edits.

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