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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nothing quite like working the hell out of a new piece of code.

I've been casually working on a php mediawiki API class for, uhm, months. But got motivated this past week and rebuilt it a lot. Decided to hammer out a quick proof-of-concepts today and ended up with some junk code which will need to be rewritten.

On the other hand, right now it's chewing through a 1013 long list of names, checking the contributions of each on up to 171 different Mediawiki website, and for each site it's creating an instance of my class, connecting and logging in, requesting the name's contributions, parsing them if any, logging out, and moving on to the next site (assuming the user has not made enough contributions.) With so many website connections and communications the script is not quick, and each user can take several minutes.

I think I can safely say the log-in and user contributions routines are good.

On the other hand, the editing routines haven't been touched yet. They don't get any use until after working through the list of users the third time (first time builds the list of unique voters, the second time builds the list of users ordered by how active they are on Wiktionary projects, third time builds the wiki syntax for writing to the wiki.) By my estimations, three and a half days from now it will (finally) get done. That's a pessimistic guess though.

So I'm just watching the terminal as it ever-so-slowly scrolls along... we're all the way up to the An* usernames.

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